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Innovation labs

With its innovation labs, the bidt creates an environment in which students can work on innovative issues within the field of digitalisation, gain practical experience and develop their ideas in a well-structured setting. In this way, our labs form an interface between research and entrepreneurship in Bavaria.

The bidt currently promotes nine innovation labs at various universities, within which students are supervised in small groups (no more than four to seven students per group) in modules to solve practice-oriented problems.

In this way, students deal with the advancement of various applications and business start-up concepts. They are also involved with the establishment of consultancy services and new research projects. With support from their coaches, they solve problems primarily through software and systems development.

Agile prototyping is a vital component within a healthy innovation culture. The possibility to test innovative solutions to problems at an early stage means that disruptive ideas can quickly be converted and advanced into prototypes.

This not only promotes students’ practice and project experience, but also facilitates technology transfer from science to industry, thereby strengthening the Bavarian digital industry’s innovation capacity.

The bidt innovation labs offer

For students

  • handling of practical digital issues in the form of
    • consultancy services and feasibility studies
    • application and prototype developments
    • development of start-up ideas
    • development of research projects
  • participation in working groups, for instance on: Best Practices and Demo Day; leading presentations at events; and promoting the context of the bidt
  • close contact with challenges and issues from practice, which facilitates innovative scientific theses
  • commercialisation of theses and projects which may lead to business start-ups
  • contact with local and Bavaria-wide start-up initiatives (e.g. BayStartUp)
  • connecting with start-up funding programmes (e.g. EXIST, Flügge Bayern)

For companies

  • knowledge transfer between universities and companies
  • implementation of feasibility studies (especially for SMEs)
  • networking with the subject platforms of ‘Bayern Innovativ’
  • exchange with the bidt’s research projects
  • participation in bidt events
  • networking with the supported universities and their start-up initiatives

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